Quality Policy


It is the aim of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Thailand) Ltd. to design and construct industrial plants which are optimised with regard to plant safety, reliability and ecology and which can be operated to the satisfaction of customers.

The quality principles of our company are:

  • To deliver our products and services in accordance with best practice standards and client's requirements.
  • To continually strive to improve our performance through analysis and continuous improvement of business processes.
  • To develop staff potential through the provision of appropriate training.
  • To ensure health and safety of our employees and third parties.

Our quality policy ensures that our businesses are directed to meet customer expectations. The satisfaction of our customers and the efficiency of our operations are an endorsement for the sustainability of our success and are always our top priority.

The Managing Director assumes the responsibility for the implementation, effectiveness and continual improvement of the thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Thailand) Ltd. Quality Management System and evaluates it constantly.

All managerial staff of the company are obliged to instruct and motivate their subordinates accordingly to ensure the Quality Management System is effectively implemented and that all thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Thailand) Ltd. employees are aware of their responsibility towards quality of their work. These responsibilities will be defined within the company procedures and project management plans. 


Detlef Sudmann  
Managing Director  
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Thailand) Ltd.