Thyssenkrupp’s Alkoxylation technology has to date more than 1.8 million tonnes of annual capacity installed world-wide.  This success is based on class-leading safety, exceptional technology, superior performance, flexibility and value.

Our new Jet Mixer design ensures the highest reaction rates and hence minimum free EO/PO in both liquid and gas phases.  Together with minimum gas volume, 45 barg design pressure, DCS/ESD and interlock systems, and our sophisticated control algorithm which maintains at all times inert gas phase conditions, our clients are always assured of the highest standards of process safety.  The Thyssenkrupp Jet Reactor system as applied to production of EO/PO derivatives offers better controllability, lower residual alkylene oxide levels, and faster reaction cycle times when compared with conventional stirred reactor designs.

Exceptional performance stems from our design approach which is driven foremost by our customers’ needs, and is tailored to make best use of available utilities and services.  We can provide plant concepts ranging from a single reactor vessel; reactor plus pre-treatment; plus post-treatment; plus Economizer; plus filtration; or various combinations of these options which are available as ‘plug and play’ modules.  Just how the process is configured depends on the range of products required, end-user quality requirements, utility costs and availability, and site factors.