Modular Concepts

thyssenkrupp has considerable experience in the design, construction and delivery of pre-assembled modular plants.  We can supply from 20 kg pilot plant reactors to industrial plants with annual single train capacities beyond 200,000 MTPY in pre-assembled modular form.

Our modular design minimizes disruption to base plant operations during the construction phase, as the duration and intensity of site construction is much less than with a conventional stick-build.  thyssenkrupp’s 2nd Generation modules have achieved significant capital cost savings due to optimisation of shipping envelopes, reorganisation of the pump modules, and improvements in fixtures and connections.

The advantages of pre-assembled modular plants include:

  • Assured delivery time
  • Project Management with one interface
  • Minimum site construction hours
  • Reduced operator workload for permitting, fire-watch
  • Clearly defined battery limits
  • Fixed price for module scope