Lab and Pilot Plant

thyssenkrupp’s technology is continually innovated, refined and informed through close interaction with R&D from our own Oleochemical Technology laboratory and pilot plant facilities commissioned in 2016 at Rayong, Thailand.  The installation currently occupies over 8,500 square feet and includes analytical and preparative laboratories, as well as a technical laboratory to house the multi-purpose jet reactor pilot plant, short path distillation, and filtration units.  It incorporates R&D offices, reception and meeting room, and is co-located with Oleochemical Technology staff in the adjoined building.

The laboratories are equipped to provide a wide range of raw material and product analytics, carry out bench-scale preparations, and determine fluid thermodynamic and transport properties relevant to our engineering designs.  This is particularly important for systems whose properties change significantly during the course of a reaction or where properties of mixtures (such as liquid viscosity) cannot be reliably predicted from pure component data.

The building is fully supplied with utilities and services including steam, process water, nitrogen, glycol/water coolant, hot oil, and electrical power.  Reactant gases such as hydrogen, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, and ammonia are available.

In addition we can draw upon our Corporate R&D facilities quartered in Ennigerloh Germany with some 20 highly trained and qualified staff and deep understanding and operational experience in pilot plant and test rig operation, as well as our long-standing relationship with Inventa Technologies of Singapore.

These capabilities enable us to test recipes, validate process guarantees, conduct raw material and product characterizations, determine scale up parameters, and optimise process conditions for maximum operational and economic performance.  In addition, we carry out fundamental product and process development for clients on a cooperative or contract basis.